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Name: Sharon Banks
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The University of Minnesota is committed to community and economic development. In partnership with community-based organizations, city government, unions, and primary contractors, the University strives to implement innovative strategies to build a diverse labor force on all University construction projects.

The Office for Business & Community Economic Development in conjunction with Capital Planning and Project Management provides assistance and programs to promote inclusion for small minority- or women- owned businesses. At the start of every project, general contractors are required to establish levels of participation for targeted businesses. On a monthly basis, these reports are reviewed to determine if the projects are realized, and to identify areas for improvement.

The University also works with the general contractors to employ minority and women construction workers University construction sites. To facilitate this process, the Office for Business & Community Economic Development works with local training programs to identify potential workers for University projects.

The Community Workers Mentoring Initiative is designed to provide access to entry-level positions for minorities and women in the construction industry. Participants in the program are partnered with experienced craftspeople who will foster the apprentice with support and guidance for their success on the job positions for minorities and women in the construction industry.