Computer Donations & Refurbishing

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Program Information

Contact Information

Sem Lafleur
Computer Refurbishing Manager
Phone #: (612) 624-3478


OBCED distributes and refurbishes new and previously owned computers.  The computers are given to local residents who are not able to afford a computer.  OBCED is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher and will properly decommission previously owned computers using the government data-wiping standards of the Department of Defense.  OBCED will then issue a Certificate of Destruction if requested.  The refurbished computers will be issued to community members who meet the program standards.

Benefits of Allowing OBCED to Decomission your Previously Owned Hardware:

  • Protect corporate data: disposing of computer through a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher helps to protect your valuable business data. Because we are required to meet government standards for data removal, you can feel safe knowing that your data has been removed.
  • Demonstrate community leadership through computer disposal via refurbishment: you are helping to supply computers that will be refurbished and provided to those who need them most: disadvantaged individuals, groups and nonprofit organizations. This is an ideal way to show support by giving back to those in need.
  • Provide a viable solution to decrease waste: you are helping to advocate reuse and decrease waste by keeping your old, but usable, computers out of landfills to reduce waste and environmental impact.

Policies for Data Wiping

In compliance with the Department of Defense standard 5220.22-M a Certificate of Erasure is generated upon successful erasure of the entire hard drive. Below are the methods we use to ensure that all sensitive data is removed from your previously owned hardware:

  • Parted Magic and DBan are both hard drive and partition eraser software that ensure files and documents are properly destroyed
  • Kanguru Hard Drive Duplicator has a Department of Defense-approved disk wiping feature

Shipping Address

Technology Empowerment Center (TEC)
Office for Business & Community Economic Development 

Robert J. Jones Urban Research Outreach-Engagement Center
2001 Plymouth Ave. N., Suite 106
Minneapolis, MN 55411

Pick-up/Drop-Off Hours
By Appointment Only


Monday - Friday
10:00am - 3:00pm


Acceptable Donations:

For Supplier Diversity Commitments

Per Option #3 of the Supplier Diversity Commitment Document, only computers and laptops will be accepted to fulfill Supplier Diversity Commitments.  Please see specifications below.

Please note, if your computers/laptops do not meet your proposed Supplier Diversity Technology Commitment, you will be responsible for the return shipping of those items.


General Information for all Donations

Condition:  Excellent, Good.  All cords, cables and relevant accessories must be included.

Donation Quantity:   Except for Supplier Diversity commitments, donations accepted based on current need and available space.

Pickup/Drop Off:  Will travel up to 10 miles from the TEC Office for pick up.  Drop-offs are accepted by appointment only, Monday – Friday, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm.

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