Community Technology Initiative

The Community Technology Initiative (CTI) has installed computer hardware with a value of $302,400 in labs across the Twin Cities.  These labs have been placed in churches, community centers, charter schools and local nonprofit agencies.  This investment is a direct attempt to dismantle the digital divide by making technology available in the places where communities congregate. 

jEM Participant Survey

TEC Class Evaluation

CHI Organization Evaluation

MTAP Mid-Point Check-In

MTAP Student Participant Profile

CHI Mid-Point Checkin

CHI Student Participant Profile

MTAP Organization Evaluation

Community Impact Internship Program

The Community Impact Internship Program enables Graduate and Professional students to gain vital experience and develop hands-on consulting skills while providing community outreach assistance to nonprofit organizations and/or through applied learning experiences by linking them to opportunities in communities that face public health disparities and other socio-economic issues.


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