2011 MTAP President's Conference Series Highlights

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  Workshop Presenters
  Attending Organizations
  • AchieveMpls
  • African American Breast Cancer Alliance
  • Dakato County
  • Isis Center
  • Kwanzaa Community Church, PCUSA
  • Office for Business & Community Economic Development
  • St. Paul Park & Recreation
  • The Improve Group
  • Urban Partnership and Community Development Center
  Workshop Overview

Your organization has both opportunities and challenges to overcome as your programs evolve and respond to changing circumstances.  This workshop will help you access, analyze and use the information you need it to make informed decisions and build support for your programs. 

You will also learn ways to communicate your results and quality so you can more effectively engage people and your organization can thrive. 

Attend this workshop to build a deeper understanding of evaluation, how it can be integrated into your organization, and how your programs can benefit.  Learn to use your organization’s inherent strengths – relationship building, experience, and sound instincts about local needs – to demonstrate results and continuously improve programs.

You will learn new strategies to use as you lead your organization, including:
  • Plan programs and make structural and design decisions that are informed by available data
  • Use and streamline the technical aspects of data collection, record-keeping, confidentiality and analysis in your work
  • Build confidence in your decision-making process
  • Learn how to interpret information
  • Communicate performance and value, engage stakeholders and establish a path demonstrating your organization as a strong candidate for continued support and investment
You will leave this workshop with resources you can use immediately in your organization and confidence to evaluate and realize new opportunities.

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  Workshop Photos
  Special Thanks
  • Catering Services provided by Katie Lundberg and Avenue Eatery, 1101 West Broadway Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55411