Junior Entrepreneurs of Minnesota (jEM) Frequently Asked Questions

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Phone #: (612) 624-0530
Email: bced@umn.edu

Junior Entrepreneurs of Minnesota (jEM)
Frequently Asked Questions



What is jEM?
Junior Entrepreneurs of Minnesota (jEM) Summer Camp is a four-week summer program designed to enhance the business skills and entrepreneurial ambitions of Minneapolis high school students.


When is jEM?
jEM 2016 will feature a Welcome Event for participants and parents on date TBA, to help participants decide if they are ready to commit to the program and give parents the chance to ask questions. The camp starts Monday, June 20th through Friday, July 15th and will run from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm (with the exception of July 4th, off for Independence Day). Learning sessions and site visits take place Monday-Friday.


Where is jEM taking place?
The jEM Welcome Event will be held at the location TBA.


Am I required to attend jEM?
If you give us four weeks of half-day sessions, we will give you invaluable leadership and business skills that will help you in your future education and career opportunities, while still allowing you free time in the afternoons and weekends.  New material is covered each day, thus missing a session you will miss valuable skills and concepts that build upon one another. Attendance is mandatory, but we understand that unexpected circumstances arise and we appreciate the advanced notice if this occurs.


What if I have to miss the Welcome Event for jEM?
If you can’t make it to the Welcome Event or a session, you will need to let us know as far ahead of time as possible. It may or may not be possible to make up what you miss.  Any forms or projects due on a day that you are absent should be delivered ahead of time to make sure you don’t miss a deadline.


Can I bring a friend instead of a parent to the Welcome Event?
We want to get your family involved in jEM as much as possible, so we would like to see your parent(s) / guardian(s), aunt(s) / uncle(s) or grandparent(s), or a sibling over the age of 18, come with you to the Welcome Event. Since your family will play a part in your success this summer – by making sure you are up in the morning, helping with transportation to sessions, assisting you in your projects and providing general support and encouragement – we want to make sure you are involved with your family from the start. Though we want family to work with you in this instance, you can let your friends know about jEM so they can apply this summer or next – we also offer shorter workshops during the school year where you can all attend together!


Who is facilitating jEM?
We will have a primary facilitator who is an experienced entrepreneur and working with high school students with various youth entrepreneurship projects along with student facilitators, visiting professors, business professionals and entrepreneurs to provide support and advice.


What level of parental involvement is required?
While you have worked hard to get where you are academically, socially and personally, you should always make sure you have a support system around you to be there for you when things get tough. Being in business for yourself is never easy, and while jEM will teach you important business skills and help you develop business ideas, your family members will be the ones who really push you toward your personal goals and provide you with the support and comfort that only family can provide. If you are serious about becoming an entrepreneur, your family will be a prime resource to help you get on your feet, which is why we encourage your parent(s)/guardian(s) to become involved now, as you start your entrepreneurial journey.