Junior Entrepreneurs of Minnesota (jEM) Testimonials

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Program Information

jEM Summer Camp - 2013

Contact Information
Chris Omare
Phone #: (612) 624-8597
Email: ogand002@umn.edu



“I believe that the jEM program will help me build the skills that you don’t learn in school, such as creativity and problem-solving.”

"It has been REALLY fun and educational at the same time.”

“jEM is definitely a program that benefits many youth. It helps them build skills and knowledge for the business world. It gives them hands-on experience.”

“I really like the jEM program. I learned a lot and I think I’m ready to get my own business off the ground.”

“I think the program is beneficial and I learned a lot through the program. I didn’t know anything about business and now I know more than I imagined.”

“The networking alone was priceless.”



“(My daughter) is more independent and confident. She doesn’t seem to be as frustrated when she makes mistakes…I would absolutely recommend jEM to others. It teaches them how to be responsible and respectful of others and their opinions, while getting their opinions across at the same time”

“The guest speakers are great because they give the kids an idea of how employers think.”

“I would definitely recommend jEM to others; it’s an awesome program. One of the main benefits is that it allows kids to think outside the box and challenge themselves. It lets them know that anything is possible with hard work. It’s good to catch them at a young age, and the combination of education and entrepreneurship is great. I am thoroughly satisfied with the program!”