Community Impact Internship Program

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The Community Impact Internship Program enables Graduate and Professional students to gain vital experience and develop hands-on consulting skills while providing community outreach assistance to nonprofit organizations and/or through applied learning experiences by linking them to opportunities in communities that face public health disparities and other socio-economic issues.  These internships are managed by BCED and all financial contributions and payment to students will be facilitated by the Office for Business and Community Economic Development (OBCED).


These programs will be modeled after successful OBCED internship programs like the Management and Technical Assistance Program for Nonprofits (MTAP) and the Community Health Intuitive (CHI).


MTAP has an overall goal to improve the quality of life in Minnesota’s urban communities.  This goal is achieved by enhancing the overall performance and effectiveness of those community-based nonprofit organizations that serve such communities.


University of Minnesota graduate and professional students will provide management and technical assistance to nonprofits in the form of student consulting projects that can help them improve operational, management and organizational effectiveness, enhance their overall performance and build capacity.


The BCED office offers this unique program as a service to link nonprofit organizations to students, faculty and other resources at the University of Minnesota.


CHI is a unique effort that focuses directly on communities that face public health disparities and other socio-economic issues.  Public health disparities significantly challenge historically underrepresented groups such as people of color. They face difficulties when faced with the cost, quality or availability of health care, social services or public health resources.


The Community Health Initiative (CHI) responds by providing resources to help community-based nonprofit organizations and businesses that impact public health, social services, medicine or medical technology. The CHI program addresses health disparities and socio-economic issues by supporting University of Minnesota students from underrepresented backgrounds, with special consideration for students of color.


For more information or assistance in setting up your unique internship investment contact OBCED at or 612-624-0530