Community Technology Initiative

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Adult teaching computer skills via laptop

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Contact Information
Name: Wilson Maceno
Phone #: (612) 624-3404

The Community Technology Initiative creates innovative partnerships that bring technology to underserved populations by focusing on closing the digital gap and providing access to computer technology and software training. We aim to reduce the growing inequality of access to information technologies among low-income and disadvantaged groups.



The goals of the Community Technology Initiative are to:

  • Provide a professional training environment for community members to continue developing and enhancing their technology skills beyond the basics in order to compete in the global workforce

  • Refurbish and distribute computers and make them available to low-income communities, individuals and community organizations

Our program objectives are to:

  • Provide sustainable job creation opportunities for people who have been unemployed for a long period of time so they can find a clear pathway to future employment in the technology sector

  • Utilize, evaluate and promote technology tools and program

  • Mobilize volunteers to assist in classroom instruction and computer refurbishing needs

  • Provide technology support to Computer Take Home Workshop participants

  • Help make technology affordable for others

Businesses and individuals are encouraged to donate old computers to the Community Technology Initiative.  If you would like to donate an old computer that you or your business is no longer using, please check out our donation page for what types of computers we will take.

If you live in the Twin Cities area and are interested in applying for a refurbished computer, please check out our recipient page to see our eligibility and program requirements.