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Name: Amy Kallenbach
Phone #: (612) 624-3704

Office Hours:
M-Th 9:00am - 4:30pm
F 9:00am - 4:00pm

Technology Empowerment Center
Robert J. Jones Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center
2001 Plymouth Avenue North, Suite 106
Minneapolis, MN 55411

All classes are held at the Technology Empowerment Center Computer Training Lab in the Robert J Jones Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center. Special arrangements for the handicapped will be made if requested in advance.

Classes we offer:

Typing: Want to become a fast typer?  Whether you’re a beginner typer or an intermediate typer, this class is for you.  By using Mavis Beacon, a typing program, you can go through the lessons at your own pace to improve your speed and accuracy.  It also provides you with custom lessons, skill-building games and immediate feedback on how you’re doing.

Computer Basics: Eager to learn more about computers?  Take the Computer Basics class!  In this class, you will learn what the basic parts of a computer are, how to properly turn off the computer, learn how to navigate the Start Menu, how to create shortcuts and folders and more.

Computer Maintenance: Learn basic tips for solving everyday computer issues at home such as: Resolve slow computer issues; faster Internet; virus removal; add and remove hardware; and add and remove software.

Relational Database Design Basics
Do you need to manage large amounts of data, such as customer or member lists and product catalogs? This class is an introduction to relational database design that covers understanding what relational databases are, when and why they should be used, database terms, and the basics of designing a database.

Access - Getting Started with Databases
(Prerequisite: Relational Database Design Basics)
Microsoft Access is a program used to manage large amounts of data, such as customer or member lists and product catalogs. This class is a brief introduction that covers creating tables, defining relationships between tables, and making simple forms for data entry.

Microsoft Word 2010: Designing a flyer or brochure?  Writing a resume or cover letter? This class is for you! Learn how to navigate through Word, edit text, format a paragraph, create lists with bullets and numbers, use spell check and more.

Microsoft Excel 2010: Need help preparing a budget, creating graphs or keeping track of information?  Take the Microsoft Excel 2007 class for Beginners and learn how to create and edit spreadsheets, enter formulas, apply formats, print Excel documents and more.

Excel - Using Pivot Tables (Prerequisite: Excel Basics or equivalent)
Do you have lists of data, like address lists or product lists, that you’d like to be able to quickly analyze and understand? This class covers using pivot tables to analyze that data.

Excel - Charts (Prerequisite: Excel Basics or equivalent)
Charts will help you understand your data and communicate with others. This class covers making simple charts, modifying charts, and choosing the most appropriate chart type for your data.

Excel - Managing Data (Prerequisite: Excel Basics or equivalent)
Do you have lists of data, like address lists or product lists, that you’d like to keep better track of? This class covers ways to manage that data, such as sorting and filtering, calculating totals and averages, and cleaning up data to make it more usable.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010: PowerPoint allows you to combine text, pictures, graphics, video/audio clips, web pages and more to create compelling presentations. This class is for beginners and covers such topics as choosing a design template, creating slides, running a presentation and more.

Internet Basics & Safety: Job searching, surfing the Internet or banking online. This class is for you!  Learn how the Internet works, basic Internet terms, navigating Mozilla Firefox, how to perform basic searches, safety measures to protect your information online and more.

For more information about our classes, please contact Amy Kallenbach at 612-624-3704 or at

For customized class training, please contact Nam Nguyen at 612-624-8891 or at