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Faces of disability

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Thomas Lane: U of M Art Professor
Rachel Garaghty: Graduate Student
Lisa Schulte: Assistant Director of Housing Programs
Luka Krmpotich: Student
Elissa Cox: Upper Iowa Art Professor
Kelli Blankenship: Student
Josiah Severin: Graduate of Neuroscience
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Thomas Lane

U of M Art Professor

Rachel Garaghty

Graduate Student

Lisa Schulte

Assistant Director of Housing Programs

Luka Krmpotich


Elissa Cox

Upper Iowa Art Professor

Kelli Blankenship


Josiah Severin

Graduate of Neuroscience
Tom is a professor, researcher, and artist who works with large ceramics.
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Rachel is a graduate student focusing on disability issues as part of her Master’s of Public Policy degree.
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Lisa is a devoted employee at the University of Minnesota in housing programs.
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Luka considered three universities before he transferred from his community college.
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Elissa is currently an artist and professor who is willing to discuss her experience with dyslexia.
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Kelli is an extremely involved student athlete and her learning disability does not interfere with her busy schedule.
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Josiah used testing accommodations while completing his degree in neuroscience.
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