Welcome to UReturn!

URETURN is the designated office to serve all employees with any disability or medical condition requiring job accommodations or modifications. UReturn obtains and confidentially maintains medical documents, certifies eligibility for services, recommends modifications or reasonable job accommodations, and develops plans for the provision of all modifications and accommodations. OUR ROLE is to collaborate with employees and their managers to develop a plan that will allow the employee to STAY-AT-WORK after a medical event, medical exacerbation or diagnosis, and/or RETURN-TO-WORK after a medical leave of absence.

Why are STAY-AT-WORK and RETURN-TO-WORK important?

* THE UNIVERSITY VALUES YOU: The unique contributions of each employee are essential to advancing the University’s mission.

* WORK IDENTITY: Our work is part of who we are! The University restores employees to their work identity, with all its benefits and perks, as soon as medically suitable.

* PRODUCTIVITY: Most departments have difficulties replacing experienced and productive employees during time off.

* ECONOMIC FACTORS: Medical costs, claim incidents, and paying for time off work and replacement workers financially strains departments.

* GOVERNMENTAL REGULATIONS: The University is required to be in compliance with various federal and state laws including the Americans with Disabilities Act.

* INCLUSIVENESS: An aging workforce requires strategies to help employees stay-at-work.

* PROACTIVE STANCE: Managing lost time from work leads to long-term positive effects on workforce engagement and employee morale.

* RETURN-TO-WORK and STAY-AT-WORK DOES WORK! There is a substantial body of knowledge that illustrates the effectiveness of early return-to-work and stay-at-work intervention.

To schedule a consultation or for more information please contact us at (612) 624-3316 or ureturn@umn.edu.

Download Brochures:

UReturn has created two printable brochures that provide information about the UReturn services and Early Intervention programs available at the University of Minnesota.