Information for Supervisors

UReturn is designed to assist and support all University faculty and staff who experience an illness or injury that affects their ability to work. UReturn works to ensure access to University services and accommodations for employees throughout their recovery/return to work. As a supervisor, the UReturn staff can assist you in working with employees who may need accommodations.

Services for Employees

Job analysis

Schedule a 1:1 meeting with a UReturn access consultant to:

  • Comprehensive review of physical and cognitive demands of job
  • Determine essential and non-essential work duties
  • Provide suggestions and feedback to departments and supervisors regarding accommodations and adjustments



Q. Do I have to disclose to my supervisor if I have a medical condition or disability?

A. No. You do, however, need to make known to your supervisor your needs for accommodation/adjustment resulting from the medical condition or disability.

Here is a helpful document that discusses the pros and cons of disclosure, as well as, the appropriate time to do so: JAN - Dos and Don'ts of Disclosure.


Information for Employees

UReturn works with employees to insure that medical conditions—both occupational and non-occupational—are evaluated so that employees can return to work safely and in a timely manner.

If you think you have a medical condition or disability that is affecting your job, please contact UReturn for a confidential consultation with one of our specialist.


How to Register

To Register with UReturn, please contact our office (612-624-3316and schedule an intake appointment either in our office or at your preferred location on campus. During the in-take appointment one of our access consultants will review your case, and have you fill out our registration materials.

Syllabus Statement

The Disability Resource Center recommends that all University instructors use the following statement on their course syllabi to inform students of the instructor’s willingness to provide reasonable accommodations:

Disability Accommodations

Instructor Training & Resources

As a University of Minnesota instructor, do you sometimes struggle to figure out how to best serve students with disabilities in your courses? Do you sometimes wonder what is "required" and whether you have to do everything that a student asks you to do?

Examples of Accommodations

While the University strives to incorporate Best Practices or Universal Design to eliminate the need for many accommodations, it does not eliminate the need for all of them. 

Electronic Accommodation Letter

After registering with the Disability Resource Center your access consultant will email a PDF version of your accommodation letter to you.  It is your option to email the letter to your instructors or provide them with a printed copy.  While we encourage you to give your letter to all of your instructors, there may be classes in which you do not wish to use your accommodations. Please understand accommodations are not retroactive.  Your letter becomes effective on the date your instructor receives it.   


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