Peer Note Taking

Peer Note Taking

A peer note taker is a volunteer/ University of Minnesota student that makes duplicate copies of their notes from a class and provides a copy to the requesting eligible student registered with the Disability Resource Center. 

It is a great opportunity to work with other peers and remove any barriers within the classroom to allow same access to class material. 

Access Assistants

Access Assistants

Trained student workers called Access Assistants help to remove barriers for students with disabilities. They may assist you with laboratory access, notetaking, library assistance, individual reading, and other activities. Think this accommodation is right for you? Talk with your Disability Resource Center Access Consultant or contact the Access Assistant Coordinators, (612) 301-1755 or

Testing Information for Instructors

Students who are eligible for accommodations through the Disability Resource Center will receive an accommodation letter from an access consultant. Each student is expected to deliver this accommodation letter to each instructor.

Testing Information for Students

If your instructor is unable to assist you with your exam accommodations, the DRC Testing Center is an available resource. The Testing Center administers thousands of exams each semester, which requires that you collaborate with the Testing Center and your instructor(s).

In order for the process to run smoothly, please understand your responsibilities before taking exams in the Testing Center. Read on to learn about what is expected of students.

Types of Testing Accommodations

Exam accommodations are decided by a student and their access consultant. Below are some of the exam accommodations that are supported at the University of Minnesota. All accommodation questions should be directed to the student's access consultant.

Document Conversion Information for Instructors


If proactivity, clear course expectations, and a complete syllabus are crucial for all students' success, they are even more important for students with disabilities. University policy states that instructors have complete syllabi available the first day of class.

Document Conversion Information for Faculty, Staff and Visitors

Faculty, Staff and visitors to the University of Minnesota requesting accessible materials should e-mail their request and materials to and provide the date on which the materials will be needed. Time required for conversion will vary depending on complexity of the materials. Document Conversion will respond to your request within 24 hours and provide an expected time-frame.


Document Conversion Information for Students

Registration with the Disability Resource Center

Request Document Conversion

The Disability Resource Center converts reading materials to alternative formats for students and staff who are registered with the Disability Resource Center. The reading materials can be received by the DRC Document Conversion in three ways:

  • As course textbooks and course packs
  • Course website access
  • Uploaded as individual files

The following sections describe the document conversion process for each different type of reading material:


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