Request Media Captioning

Captioning media is a way to make video accessible to Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. It has also been shown to benefit visual learners, English language learners, and others.

Disability Resource Center (DRC) will work with you to make course videos accessible in any class with a Deaf or Hard of Hearing student enrolled. If you have course material that is not captioned, and there is not an already existing captioned version, contact the Interpreting/Captioning Unit (ICU) at to make a request.

When submitting a request please include the following information in an e-mail to the ICU:

  1. Title and length of the video.            
  2. How we can obtain a copy of the video file. We need the video file to add captions. If the video is on a website, please provide a link. Be aware that downloading video files is not possible from all websites. If that’s the case, we would not be able to add captions to it.
  3. Contact information for the creator of the video. DRC needs permission before providing a captioned version of a video. If you do not have the contact information then the ICU will assist in requesting permission.
  4. Due date. Either specify which day the video will be shown in class or when it will be made available to students in the course.
  5. Preferred final format. Include whether the video will be played from a laptop in class or posted online. Some players do not display captions properly, please test the captions out before showing the video.

When possible, Disability Resource Center requests two weeks notice. If this is not possible, please still contact since it may be possible for the video to be captioned in less time.

To make a request contact the interpreting/captioning unit:

For additional information about captioning videos contact:
Emily Paul
Phone: 612.625.8238