Services for Supervisors

*  CONSULTATION: Access Consultants are happy to answer all questions related to disability and work. They can speak with you by phone or meet you on campus.

*  CASE MANAGEMENT: Access Consultants are available to communicate with employees and managers during an employee leave of absence, confidentially work with medical providers to clarify restrictions, and coordinate the details of an employee’s return-to-work.

*  JOB ACCOMMODATION: If an employee has restrictions, our Access Consultants have years of expertise identifying accommodations that will allow the employee to continue to do their regular job. We are available to facilitate an interactive discussion with all parties to identify reasonable accommodations. Additionally, ensure that the University of Minnesota is in compliance with federal and state laws.

*  DEPARTMENTAL CONSULTATION: Access Consultants provide unbiased information to department and human resources personnel who seek creative and innovative return-to-work strategies.

*  FUNDING FOR JOB ACCOMMODATIONS: The Disability Resource Center has a limited accommodations budget that is available to departments in need. An employee must be registered with UReturn and have a documented disability in order for departments to be considered for this funding.

*  IDENTIFYING MODIFIED WORK: Within or outside of departments through a Transitional Work Program, UReturn identifies modified work on a temporary basis.

*  JOB ANALYSIS: We can help identify and document the physical demands of any job at the University of Minnesota. This is helpful to departments when they are hiring new employees and when current employees return-to-work.

*  ERGONOMIC ASSESSMENTS: Our Access Consultants work closely with the Department of Environmental Health and Safety to offer suggestions for making ergonomic changes to the employee’s worksite that will reduce strain injuries and allow the employee to work more productively.

*  FAMILY MEDICAL LEAVE ACT (FMLA) CONSULTATION: An employee has the option of providing their FMLA certification form through U-Return if employees or managers are concerned about maintaining confidentiality of the medical diagnostic information. We keep that documentation in a separate file and provide an objective summary letter to Managers and Human Resources regarding recommended time off work.

     The University of Minnesota wants to ensure that employees know that they can request FMLA leave, and if preferred, UReturn staff can also work with all parties to discuss other options that might reduce the need for extended time away from work. These options might include a reduced work schedule, intermittent leave of absence, and workplace accommodations that support stay-at-work or earlier return-to-work.

* TRAINING: We train supervisors and/or employee groups regarding any of the services listed above.