Testing Accommodations FAQs for Instructors

What are the benefits to having the student complete their exams within the academic department?

There are several benefits for accommodating a student in your own department:

  • Better communication between student and instructor,
  • Student is able to get questions answered faster,
  • Less correspondence needed to set up a test, and
  • Instructors get the exams back immediately.


How many days advance notice does the Disability Resource Center (DRC) need to receive exams for accommodated exam administration?

The DRC Testing Center requests that exams be sent to the DRC 48 hours in advance of the date the student is scheduled to complete the exam. The DRC Testing Center sends the following e-mail communication when a request is made that a student complete an exam in the DRC Testing Center:

 "Please respond directly to this e-mail (drctest@umn.edu) with exam attached at least 48 hours before scheduled exam time. If alternative arrangements have been made with the student, please let us know immediately."


Why does the DRC Testing Center need the exam 48 hours in advance?

In 2013, the DRC administered 4893 exams, many of which had to be converted to alternate format or administered with adaptive technology. This takes time to coordinate so advance planning is necessary.


What is my responsibility if I choose to have my student complete exams in the DRC Testing Center?
  • Review accuracy of exam dates and details provided by student.
  • Check e-mail regularly and respond when necessary.
  • Send the exam to the DRC Testing Center.
  • Provide a return method for completed exams.
  • Include phone number for contact if questions arise during the exam if possible.


How will I receive the completed exam?

You can receive the completed exam back in one of three ways:

  • Courier: This is the default return method. Our courier service runs twice daily: 10am-1pm and 2:30 p.m.- 4:30p.m. We will return the exam to your department office, as someone must sign for the exam.
  • E-mail: We will scan in the exam and return it to you in PDF format.
  • Pick-up: You or a staff member can come to the DRC and pick up the exam.


When does the student need to schedule the exam with the DRC Testing Center?

Students are expected to schedule their exams at least SEVEN days in advance using the online system.

We ask the student to enter in the following information:

  • Instructor contact information (first & last name, phone, email).
  • Amount of time the class will receive for each exam and quiz.
  • Materials allowed for the class for each exam and quiz.

Please make sure that the DRC Testing Center has this information correctly from the start to minimize errors later during exam time.


How do I send the exam to the DRC Testing Center?

About six days before the exam, you will receive an “Exam Needed” email from DRC Testing Center requesting a copy of the exam. Please review the exam information listed in the email. Notify us of any incorrect information.

Note that if a student schedules late, you may receive less notice.

We prefer that you reply to the drctest@umn.edu request with the exam attached. However, if you prefer to drop off a hard copy, please deliver it to McNamara Alumni Center, Suite 180.

All exams will be printed double-sided unless otherwise specified.

Instructors are responsible for providing the DRC Testing Center (and students) exam information such as:

  • Duration of exam.
  • Materials allowed.
  • Phone number to contact instructor during the exam if questions arise.


Do students with disabilities have to take their exams at the DRC Testing Center?

Testing accommodations should be provided within the academic department whenever possible. If the accommodation(s) listed on the accommodation letter cannot be provided within the department, the DRC Testing Center is available to proctor exams during the following hours: Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. During fall and spring final exams the DRC Testing Center is open Monday – Saturday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.


How can I find a testing space?

The Office of Classroom Management is a resource for finding available general purpose classrooms.


How do I set up a testing space?

If you decide to have the student test in or near the department or course classroom, here are some things that should be considered or that you will need:

  • Clock (be sure the clock and class clock are close to the same time) or a timer.
  • Extra exam resources (scratch paper, etc.
  • A proctor such as a TA or other staff member who can check in on the student.
  • A way the student can reach you if they have questions.
  • A place to store the student’s backpack/materials that they shouldn't have access to during the exam.

If you have questions about how to assist a student with exam accommodation, please call us at (612) 624-1666 or email drctest@umn.edu.


How do I let students know where to take accommodated exams?

Consider including a statement in your syllabus outlining rules for completing exams. You could include a statement clarifying:

  1. Who should receive students’ accommodation letters,
  2. Where student should plan to take their exams, and how and where they should schedule the exams,
  3. Other exam information, such as duration, materials allowed, and if they will be allowed to keep the exam.

Example Syllabus Statement

If you have exam accommodations through the Disability Resource Center, email me and your T.A. a copy of your accommodation letter as soon as possible.

If I am unable to provide exam accommodations in the department, you will need to schedule them with the Disability Resource Center (DRC) and take them in the DRC Testing Center.

The Testing Center requires you to schedule exams with at least SEVEN days advance notice. To schedule your exams, please complete the online form at  https://diversity.umn.edu/disability/request/exam .