Testing Information for Students

If your instructor is unable to assist you with your exam accommodations, the DRC Testing Center is an available resource. The Testing Center administers thousands of exams each semester, which requires that you collaborate with the Testing Center and your instructor(s).

In order for the process to run smoothly, please understand your responsibilities before taking exams in the Testing Center. Read on to learn about what is expected of students.

Scheduling Exams

Students are responsible for scheduling their exams online as soon as they have their syllabus.  All requests are treated on a first-come, first-served basis.  Please schedule your tests a full 7 days in advance.

Before Scheduling

  1. Contact your access consultant at the beginning of each semester. Exams cannot be administered here without a current accommodation letter.
  2. Before scheduling your exams online, contact your instructors to find out if you can be accommodated in the department or near the classroom for your exams and/or quizzes. If they are unable to accommodate you, ask them for the following information:
    • Exam and/or Quiz dates Start times (e.g. Is the quiz at the start of class, or at the end?)
    • Amount of time class receives
    • Materials allowed


If you are enrolled in a Physics Course, you need to send your accommodation letter to the Physics front office at physics@umn.edu as well as your instructor.  The Physics front office will then  send you an email with instructions on how exams in Physics are handled with the DRC Testing Center.

Scheduling Exams Online

Please fill out the Online Test Scheduling Form

Scheduling Exams by Phone or In-Person

If a student has difficulty with the online system, they can call DRC Testing Center at 612 624-1666 with the following information:

  • Student First and Last Name, Phone Number and U of M Email
  • Instructor First and Last Name, Phone Number, and U of M Email
  • Course (e.g. BIOL 1001)
  • Exam date(s)
  • Start time for class
  • Amount of time class will receive
  • Any alternative format or equipment that is needed (Kurzweil, RTF, CCTV, etc) per accommodation.
  • Any time conflicts that the student may have with another course


For every exam request, the student will receive an automated email from the Online Scheduling System right away.  This is NOT a confirmation.  The Testing Center will send a confirmation email within 2 business days. If you scheduled an exam but did not receive a confirmation email, call or email the Testing Center immediately.

Late Scheduling

Late scheduling means when the Testing Center was given less than a full weeks notice of an upcoming exam. Late schedules can be scheduled online through our scheduling portal.  They must be scheduled by noon the day prior to accommodate next day late schedules.  Same day late schedules are unlikely to be accommodated.

Students are allotted three late schedules per semester.  If you have reached three and need to schedule another late exam, you will first need to meet with your access consultant and a testing coordinator.

Language Placement Exams (LPE)

There are 3 required parts to a Language Placement Exam (LPE):

Writing (50 minutes), and Reading and Listening (2 hours). The Reading and Listening are combined and generally take place in lieu of a Final exam.

A Speaking portion is optional.

The Writing portion can be taken through the DRC Testing Center. Schedule the exam online as you would any other, but in the notes section please state that it is the LPE Writing.

The Reading and Listening parts should be scheduled through Joanne Peltonen in the CLA Language Center. Email her your accommodation letter at langtest@umn.edu, and your currently scheduled exam day and time. She'll check to make sure you can still be accommodated through the CLA office.

On the Day of the Exam

Plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early for check-in.

Students will only be allowed to take authorized testing materials into the exam room. All other materials must be left at home or checked into a locker. Any possession of unauthorized items will be considered a possible breach of academic integrity and reported to faculty.

Students are NEVER allowed to have the following in the testing rooms:

  • Cell phones
  • Unautherized electronic devices
  • Watches of any kind
  • Calculator lids

Changes or Cancellations

If you have a test that requires a scheduling change or cancellation, e-mail the instructor and copy drctest@umn.edu in the same e-mail message. All exam reschedules must have instructor approval.

The DRC Testing Center staff will reschedule tests as space is available and confirm any processed changes with you and the instructor via e-mail.


Taking College of Continuing Education (CCE), Independent Distance Learning (IDL) and Online Distance Learning (ODL) exams in the DRC Testing Center requires 2 steps:

  1. At least 2 weeks before the exam, the student must fill out the Disability Resource Center Exam Request Form.
  2. At least 1 week before the exam, the student must submit a request to test in the DRC Testing Center via the Online Test Scheduling Form. Please make sure you check the Online & Distance Learning box on the Request form.

Student Conduct and Academic Integrity

The DRC Testing Center serves many students with a variety of needs. Please be respectful while testing in or visiting our facility. Disruptive or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and will be reported to the Office of Student Conduct.

The DRC Testing Center staff will treat you with courtesy and respect. They will make every effort to have your exam and materials ready by the scheduled start time. If you have a question during your exam, we will do our best to contact your instructor.

Academic Integrity

The Disability Resource Center Testing Center expects all students to adhere to the University of Minnesota Board of Regents Student Conduct Code.

The Office for Community Standards is responsible for administering student discipline.