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We developed curated lists of resources organized by the topics addressed in our Equity and Diversity workshops. We encourage you to watch, listen, read, learn, and engage further with this material.

Note that working through these materials does not equate to completing the Equity and Diversity Certificate Program but should be seen as an opportunity to engage, explore, and learn from program materials outside our courses and workshops. We ask that you not share or reproduce content developed by the Office for Equity and Diversity Education Program without permission from our office. Feel free to share this website with others. Please contact us at with any questions

Our Roles in Equity and Diversity Work

Topics include foundational terminology, understanding our identities, and how to work to be an ally and advocate.

Navigating Challenging Conversations in Equity and Diversity

Insight and tools for navigating challenging conversations in equity and diversity work.

Addressing Implicit Bias and Microaggressions

Explore the concept of implicit bias and how microaggressions can impact campus climate and beyond.

Race, Racism, and White Supremacy

An introduction to the concepts of race, racism, and white supremacy.

Ableism and Disability Justice

Foundational frames for fighting ableism and working towards disability justice.

Collective Access for All

Featuring key concepts of collective access and helpful tools to assess inclusive access. 

Challenging Classism

Explore how class and classism intersect with our identities and experiences.

LGBTQIA Identities and Communities

Learn about LGBTQIA identities and communities and how you can create a more open and welcoming campus climate.

Religious and Spiritual Identities

Explore religious, spiritual, and humanist identities and learn about the complexity of balancing religious and spiritual expression in the public sphere.

Understanding and Advancing Gender Equity

Tools to advance equity for women and why women's equity benefits everyone.