Consulting & Complaints

The EOAA Office envisions a University community that is equitable—one that values the diversity of its workforce and student body and is free from discrimination and harassment. We act as a neutral party to advise individuals and departments about perceived, existing and potential discrimination, harassment, sexual violence, retaliation, and potential violations of the policy against nepotism. 

EOAA also investigates complaints about discrimination; harassment, including sexual harassment; sexual violence, including sexual assault, stalking, and relationship violence; nepotism; and retaliation.

The Director of the EOAA Office is the University of Minnesota’s Title IX Coordinator.  Any Title IX concerns (gender or sex discrimination, including sexual harassment and sexual violence) should be directed to EOAA.

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What types of concerns does EOAA consult on and investigate?

What are EOAA processes?

  • Consultation
  • Informal resolution process
  • Discrimination, harassment, or retaliation investigation
  • Sexual harassment and/or sexual violence investigation relating to employee conduct
  • Sexual harassment and/or sexual violence investigation relating to student conduct
  • Nepotism

What University of Minnesota policies are relevant to EOAA work?

What other reporting options and/or resources area available?

Other frequently asked questions