New EOAA Workshop

The Understanding and Valuing Equity and Diversity: Communications, Interactions, Policies and Procedures training incorporates content from the Help! I’m Being Discriminated Against and the Appreciating Differences workshops. This new workshop will provide an understanding of what “equity” and “diversity” mean and can mean, and aims to have participants understand the Office for Equity and Diversity’s key frames for approaching equity and diversity work, including how this work is everyone’s responsibility. It also provides an overview of the University’s anti-discrimination policies and procedures and reporting methods.


Through content, group work, and discussion in this training, participants will gain an understanding of why words, images, spaces, and attitudes create access and inclusion. Participants will also be introduced to the concept of being an ally for social justice, and will explore how to develop and grow as an ally in the work of equity and diversity.


EOAA will begin to offer this training in the Fall of 2012, and it will be facilitated by Kimberly S. Simon and Maria Eustaquio.