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Employee Reporting Requirement

Title IX

Title IX prohibits sex discrimination, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking, and relationship violence, in education.

Title IX inquiries and complaints should be directed to the Title IX Coordinator for the University of Minnesota:


Tina Marisam
Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action
274 McNamara Alumni Center
200 Oak St. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Phone: 612/624-9547


Roles and Duties of Unit EOAA Liaisons

The EOAA liaison program is essential to implementing the University’s equal opportunity and affirmative action policies. The EOAA liaison is appointed to a two-year term by the head of the unit. Essentially, the EOAA liaison has five key responsibilities:

Lillian H. Williams Award


2018 Award Winner:

Amy Barton, Career Services - College of Liberal Arts

Definition: Retaliation

Retaliation means any form of intimidation, reprisal or harassment against an individual because they made a report of discrimination or harassment or because that individual has participated in an investigation of discrimination or harassment by or of a University community member and includes:

Sexual Harassment and Nepotism Policy Update Workshop

In March 2012, the EOAA office conducted four sessions of Sexual Harassment and Nepotism Policy Update on the Morris Campus. Gabrielle Mead and Maria Eustaquio facilitated the workshops on March 8 and Michael O’Day and Kimberly Swain Simon on March 28. Approximately 150 people participated, including the Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, faculty, supervisory and non-supervisory staff, and students. 


New EOAA Workshop

The Understanding and Valuing Equity and Diversity: Communications, Interactions, Policies and Procedures training incorporates content from the Help! I’m Being Discriminated Against and the Appreciating Differences workshops. This new workshop will provide an understanding of what “equity” and “diversity” mean and can mean, and aims to have participants understand the Office for Equity and Diversity’s key frames for approaching equity and diversity work, including how this work is everyone’s responsibility.

Update from the EOAA Director

EOAA e-News Summer 2012

More from Kim Hewitt, director of the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action


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