Education & Training

The Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action (EOAA) offers a variety of educational workshops to the University community.  These workshops are offered to any unit on campus.  For large audiences, EOAA also can customize workshops to specifically address a unit’s needs.  EOAA also offers a number of online trainings.  


EOAA’s educational workshops:

To learn more about EOAA’s workshops and to schedule a workshop presentation for your unit, please contact EOAA at (612) 624-9547 or

Supervisors’ EOAA Toolkit

This workshop provides practical tools for supervisors to identify, prevent and respond to potential discrimination, harassment, retaliation and nepotism.  In this highly interactive workshop, supervisors will practice identifying inappropriate behaviors in hypothetical scenarios.  Supervisors will also learn effective strategies for responding to complaints from supervisees.

Sexual Harassment: Awareness, Prevention & Response

In this workshop, we will define and identify sexual harassment and learn the signs of potential sexual harassment. We will also discuss strategies for preventing and responding to sexual harassment and explain EOAA’s role in helping to address sexual harassment concerns.

Responding to Sexual Misconduct & Sexual Assault

This training is primarily aimed at University advisors and supervisors who want to learn more about their obligation to report instances of sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking and relationship violence that they learn about.  The training covers relevant University policies on sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking and relationship violence; the University's procedures for responding to reports of these behaviors; the reporting obligations of supervisors and advisors; and best practices for supervisors and advisors when receiving such reports.


EOAA’s online workshops:

Supervisors' EOAA Toolkit

Sexual Harassment: Awareness, Prevention, & Response

Responding to Sexual Misconduct & Sexual Assault

Speak Up: Understanding and Preventing Sexual Violence


Other University training:

Several other units at the University also offer training that you might be interested in. 

The Office for Equity and Diversity (OED) offers educational opportunities on a variety of equity and diversity issues in higher education, including:

The Equity and Diversity Certificate workshop series

Critical Conversations about Diversity and Justice series

Faculty-specific workshops

Other units within OED also offer educational opportunities on specific issues related to equity and diversity, including:

The Gender and Sexuality Center for Queer and Trans Life

The Women’s Center

The Disability Resource Center

The Aurora Center offers trainings to students, faculty, and staff on sexual violence and its prevention, as well as bystander intervention, consent, and healthy relationships.

Human Resources Leadership & Talent Development works with faculty and staff to increase leadership skills and offers professional development opportunities for supervisors.

The Center for Educational Innovation within Academic Affairs enriches the professional growth of
 faculty, instructional staff, and teaching assistants through programs,
services, and resources that promote significant learning experiences for