Affirmative Action


Unit EOAA Liaisons

Unit EOAA liaisons have numerous responsibilities. Learn more about liaison roles and duties.


Academic Affairs and Provost, Office of the Senior VP for

Cheryl Brady

311 Morrill



Tina Marisam, J. D.

Director, Title IX Coordinator

Phone: 612-626-9357


Gabrielle Mead, J. D.

Assistant Director

Phone: 612-626-8112




Visas & Citizenship

Religious Considerations

Sexual Harassment


Other Frequently Asked Questions

I experienced discrimination, harassment, retaliation, or sexual violence.  I want it to stop, but I don’t want to participate in an investigation because I don’t want my name to be a part of it.  Can you keep what I reported confidential?

What is EOAA's process?

The Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action (EOAA) is not a confidential reporting resource.  Once EOAA becomes aware of information that may violate the University’s discrimination, harassment, sexual violence, or retaliation policies, we may have an obligation to take some responsive action to prevent further misconduct from occurring.  However, we try to work with individuals to discuss a variety of ways to appropriately address the concerns raised.


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