Policies & Directives

Consulting & Complaints

The EOAA Office envisions a University community that is equitable—one that values the diversity of its workforce and student body and is free from discrimination and harassment. We act as a neutral party to advise individuals and departments about perceived, existing and potential discrimination, harassment, sexual misconduct (sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, and relationship violence), retaliation, and potential violations of the policy against nepotism. 

Education & Resources

The Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action (EOAA) offers a variety of educational workshops to the University community.  These workshops are offered to any unit on campus.  For large audiences, EOAA also can customize workshops to specifically address a unit’s needs.  EOAA also offers a number of online trainings.  


EOAA’s educational workshops:

To learn more about EOAA’s workshops and to schedule a workshop presentation for your unit, please contact EOAA at (612) 624-9547 or eoaa@umn.edu


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