Online Training

Equity and Diversity in the Search Process Toolkit
Ensuring equity and diversity in the search process is essential for increasing the diversity of candidate pools for positions, and ultimately the diversity of the University community. EOAA created this online toolkit to help guide the process.


Diversity Recruitment Source Database
This database is a repository of diversity recruitment sources that can be used when conducting searches at the University of Minnesota.


PORTAL: the Power Of Respect To Affect Lives
: An interactive sexual harassment education program

The University of Minnesota’s Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action has created an interactive sexual harassment educational program. The goal of this training is to provide an opportunity for individuals to explore issues related to sexual harassment in private, and consider how respectful interactions can prevent the harm from all forms of discrimination. University of Minnesota employees can register their participation in PeopleSoft at the end of the program.

PORTAL challenges the viewer to:

  • Understand the importance of respect in the workplace.
  • Consider the impact sexual harassment has on real people.
  • Reflect on the origins, myths, and realities of sexual harassment.
  • Contemplate the effect sexual harassment has on the "stakeholders" in our lives - the circle of people around every one of us.
  • Determine potential responses/tools one can use to "do something."

The program does not include all possible forms of sexual harassment. Viewers may be surprised at, or disagree with, some of the individual responses of the characters. We intentionally designed the presentation to prompt further reflection on these topics. Taking responsibility means having a willingness to respond. Solutions require action; we can all be part of the solution.

Due to technical issues, PORTAL is not available at this time. Please call EOAA for assistance at 612-624-9547.