Religious Accommodations Q&A

These audio clips are excerpted from the Fall 2008 Liaison conference, in which Kimberly Boyd and Cyrenthia Shaw did a role-play Q&A on religious accommodations at the U.

Scenario 1: An employee complains that a co-worker has a voicemail message that ends in "have a blessed day."

Scenario 1 transcript


Scenario 2: An employee has a proclamation related to their religion posted in their cubicle that contains language co-workers perceive as discriminatory.

Scenario 2 transcript


Scenario 3: A supervisor has an employee who asks for time off to observe a Wiccan holiday and is unclear if that qualifies as a religion and requires accommodations.

Scenario 3 transcript


Scenario 4: A student with tattoos and piercings objects to the department's dress code.

Scenario 4 transcript


Scenario 5: A supervisor is afraid to discipline an employee with a hijab for fear of being accused of discrimination.

Scenario 5 transcript


Scenario 6: A student perceives that her advisor is stereotyping her based on her religion.

Scenario 6 transcript


What's the bottom line? Where do we not have to accommodate someone for their religious beliefs? What is undue hardship?

What's the Bottom Line? transcript


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