Equity and Diversity in the Search Process Toolkit

Ensuring equity and diversity in the search process is essential for increasing the diversity of candidate pools for positions, and ultimately the diversity of the University community. EOAA created this online toolkit to help guide the process.

Searches Protocol

This protocol provides a summary how to incorporate equity and diversity at each step of the search process.

Instructional Presentations

These narrated UMConnect presentations are based on an in-person workshop that EOAA offers on Equity and Diversity in the Search Process.

Sample Job Descriptions and Interview Questions that Reflect Diversity

We selected five random job postings and reworked them to more fully incorporate diversity. They are intended to give you ideas for incorporating diversity into your own postings. Also included are diversity-related interview questions for each position.

A Guide to Locating Affirmative Action Goals

This guide explains how to locate affirmative action placement goals for University positions.