Equity and Diversity Breakfast

The University of Minnesota's twelfth annual Equity and Diversity Breakfast took place on
Monday, November 4, 2019, 7:45-9:45 AM, at the McNamara Alumni Center.

  • Equity and Diversity Breakfast
    Equity and Diversity Breakfast

The Breakfast brings together the University community and external stakeholders—alumni, donors, community organizations, and corporate entities—to recognize the students, staff, and faculty that exemplify the University's commitment to equity and diversity.

We recognize the outstanding students that receive Scholarly Excellence in Equity and Diversity (SEED) Awards, as well as the annual winners of the Outstanding Unit Award for Equity and Diversity and the Josie R. Johnson Human Rights and Social Justice Award.

The Breakfast's Gallery of Excellence highlights faculty who address issues of equity, diversity, and social justice through innovative and groundbreaking research.

2019 SEED Awardee Video

2019 SEED Awardee Video


  • Full Table (10 seats) - $400
  • Half Table (5 seats) - $200
  • Individual Seat - $40

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