Faculty: an ongoing equity and diversity conversation

During the 2012 diversity listening session with Twin Cities faculty members, President Kaler and Provost Hanson shared their ideas about how to move forward the University’s diversity agenda. In addition, specific questions were raised about existing diversity initiatives at the University. The questions posed in advance of and during the listening session (PDF) are available for your review. Most of these questions fell under general themes and have been grouped together for ease of reference. From these questions, a number of general inquiries that cut across the questions are set out with information relevant to these topics; download the document with this information (PDF).


Additionally, one of the most valuable aspects of this listening session involved the sharing of energy, ideas, and resources across colleges and departments by faculty who are engaged in equity and diversity work. To facilitate this sharing on an ongoing basis, the Office for Equity and Diversity is developing new communication tools. Please watch for the launch of these tools in spring 2013. You’ll also find announcements about other resources on the Office for Equity and Diversity’s homepage.


There is excellent work being done by so many across the University system. This includes faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students, and community partners across the state—and activities far too numerous to note in this document. Again, the creation of new communication vehicles for sharing information and promising practices is underway.


On a related topic, one additional important point from the faculty listening session was the number of questions and topics that came up outside the scope of the listening session. These questions—tied to interfacing with surrounding and more remote industry, handling student-to-student conflict, teaching methods, and transportation issues, for example—have been forwarded to the appropriate offices (including the Office of Human Resources, the Center for Teaching and Learning, the Student Conflict Resolution Center, the Office for Student Conduct and Academic Integrity, UROC, and Admissions). 


If you have questions or wish to obtain additional information, please contact Kris Lockhart, Associate Vice President for Equity and Diversity, at lockhart@umn.edu.