FAQ for Equity and Diversity Certificate Program

Learn more about the Equity and Diversity Certificate, including details on the workshop progression, how to sign up, who can attend workshops, and much more.

  1. What are the workshops like?
    Our workshops are highly participatory and interactive. Most workshops include small group and large group conversations, as well as videos and worksheets. Some of the content we discuss may bring up emotions or feel uncomfortable. Please take care of yourself, while also working to break out of your comfort zone.
  2. Do I need to take the workshops in any particular order?
    All 10 workshops are stand alone, such that they do not need to be taken in any particular order. However, participants are encouraged to complete the My Role in Equity & Diversity Work workshop first.
  3. The workshops titles have changed! Which ones were which?
    You can view this PDF document with the list of the previous titles and how they match to the current ones.
  4. Do I need to take the workshops within a certain amount of time to earn a certificate?
    Nope! You can take all 10 in one semester, or you can take your time and spread them out in a way that works best with your schedule. It's up to you.
  5. Can I arrive late or leave early?
    We encourage participants to arrive 10 minutes before the session starts, and if you are 15 minutes late or have to leave 15 minutes before the end of the workshop, we ask that you attend an alternate date.
  6. When will the workshops be offered?
    Dates and times for all workshops can be found on OED’s workshop page. All 10 certificate workshops will be offered every Fall, Spring, and Summer term on the Twin Cities campus.
  7. How do I sign up for the workshops?
    Participants can register via links on the OED workshops page
  8. I have completed the Basic or Advanced Certificate Program. How do I get my certificate?
    Please fill out the Certificate Completion Request Form here. Once we have received your form, we will deliver the certificate to you either by campus or USPS mail.
  9. Who do I need to contact if I suddenly can't make the workshop?
    Nobody! We just ask that you please "Withdraw" from the workshop via the Training Hub. Even if it's so last minute that you don't have time to "Withdraw," you still don't have to contact anyone.
  10. Are members of the press allowed to attend these workshops?
    Given the nature of these participatory workshops, members of the press or other media affiliates may not register or attend. Should the media request information about the content of these workshops, please contact OED's Senior Manager of Communications & Strategic Initiatives, Lisa Marshall (lisamars@umn.edu), who can direct you to the appropriate content expert. Thanks for your interest in the University's equity and diversity educational offerings. For more information on the University's media guidelines, please visit this website.
  11. Will these workshops ever be offered online?
    At some point in the future, some of the workshops may be offered online. At this point, we do not have this capability.
  12. Who tracks my participation? If I finish either the Basic or Advanced Certificate, do I get an actual physical certificate?
    Participants are asked to track their own participation, although registration for all Certificate components will be done by OED using Training Hub (starting June 2018). An actual hard copy certificate will be sent to each participant who finishes the Basic or the Advanced Certificate.
  13. Will the Certificate, once earned, show up on my transcript if I am a student?
    At this time, the Certificate will not show up on a student’s transcript.
  14. How do I determine or set up my “Application Component”?
    Participants work directly with the OED Director of Education to arrange their Application Component. The six or more hours for this Component must be approved by the OED Director of Education in order to count toward the Certificate.
  15. When are the Dialogue Groups offered?
    The Dialogue Groups begin each fall and run throughout the academic year.
  16. Can I attend the Dialogue Groups if I have not completed the other workshops?
    No, the Dialogue Group component is only for those individuals who have completed the 10 Certificate Program Workshops.
  17. Can I use paid work time to complete the Certificate?
    It is up to individual supervisors to give permission for staff time to be used for components of the Certificate.
  18. Can I get any kind of credit for any of these workshops, or for completing the Certificate?
    At this time, the Workshops and Components are not credit-bearing.
  19. Can I attend only some of these workshops if I don’t want to get the Certificate?
    Yes, the workshops are stand alone, and you can take any of them that interest you.
  20. Can I take these workshops and/or the Certificate if I work or study on one of the system campuses? Will you offer the Certificate Program for those of us on system campuses?
    Yes, every component of the Certificate is open to University members from the system campuses. At this time, OED is working to deliver workshops on the system campuses. For more information about workshops on the system campuses, contact Stef at swilench@umn.edu or 612-624-0594.
  21. Some of my workshops seem to be missing from the Training Hub. Why are they not all showing up?
    When the University of Minnesota decided to switch to the Training Hub, they made a decision not to transfer data from the old PeopleSoft registration system or from& ULearn. So, you may have taken OED Certificate Workshops through the old PeopleSoft system and/or through ULearn that will never show up in the Training Hub. However, you can check your complete Training Record (PeopleSoft and ULearn data) through the Office of Human Resources' system: Training History Report. NOTE: Only current employees are able to utilize this report.
  22. What am I allowed to do with the materials I received in the workshop?
    These materials are for personal educational use only. If you would like to use the materials in any other way, please contact the Office for Equity and Diversity.
  23. Where are the locations, what are they like, and where do I park?
    You can PDF icon download this PDF with more information about directions, parking, and accessibility.

Contact information: Office for Equity and Diversity, 432 Morrill Hall, swilench@umn.edu, 612-624-0594