Gallery of Excellence

The Gallery of Excellence is scheduled to take place each fall in conjunction with the Equity and Diversity Breakfast in the MacNamara Alumni Center, usually in mid November.  The Gallery opens at 7:45 am and closes when the Breakfast opens at 8:30 am.

Participating in the Gallery of Excellence

Images from previous Gallery presentations

composite photo 2015 GOE
Composite image of 2014 GOE presenters

OED invites deans from all collegiate units on the Twin Cities campus, and the Offices of the Chancellor on coordinate campuses, to highlight their faculty’s diversity and equity research as part of the Breakfast’s Gallery of Excellence. Those wishing to participate must obtain their Dean's recommendation and complete an online registration form by a stated deadline, about a week prior to the event. 

Because of space limitations, we ask that deans and chancellors determine the research to be highlighted.  Additional details will be provided to participants before the event.

Participation in the Gallery of Excellence does not include a seat at the Equity and Diversity Breakfast. We encourage deans and chancellors to be sure to register their Gallery presenters for the breakfast and reserve a seat for them at their table.

Exhibits in the Gallery of Excellence may include:

  • Faculty scholarship, research, and knowledge discovery focusing on issues of equity, diversity, and/or social justice.
  • Community based research projects supported by colleges, units, or administrative departments that enhance equity and diversity relationships between the community and the university.
  • Publications (books, articles, etc.), research posters, news coverage on research and/or PowerPoints (or similar).

Contact Information: 

Amelie Hyams
Program and Communications Manager 
Office for Equity and Diversity (OED)
432 Morrill Hall
University of Minnesota  
Phone: 612-625-7439