Gender Neutral Housing

Gender Neutral Housing at the University of Minnesota consists of designated spaces in four residence halls. Current students have the option to sign up for these spaces during housing reapplication.


  • To provide a safe, inclusive, and supportive living experience for all University of Minnesota students.
  • To create an environment that meets the diverse needs of our students.
  • To provide an alternative option that is more consistent with the needs of students who would be uncomfortable in an assigned-sex pairing, including those who identify as transgender or gender nonconforming
  • To provide an on-campus housing option comparable to off-campus opportunities.
  • To demonstrate Housing & Residential Life’s support for transgender, gender-queer, and gender non-conforming students.

Roommate Options

  • Mutual Requests: Students can submit a roommate request with a current student or transfer student. Requests must be mutual.
  • Random Roommate Requests: Students who choose this option will have another student who has also indicated a preference for Gender Neutral Housing assigned.
  • Contract Cancellations: If a roommate cancels their contract, Housing will contact them and they will have an opportunity to find another roommate,  choose to be assigned to a random roommate from the waiting list, or you choose to have a student with their same gender assigned.

Where are Gender Neutral Housing Spaces Located?

  • 56 spaces are available for Gender Neutral Housing across campus.
  • Double or single room in Middlebrook (West Bank)
  • Double or single room in Comstock (East Bank)
  • 4 person/4 bedroom apartment in University Village (East Bank)
  • Suites with individual bedrooms in Yudof Hall (East Bank)
  • Other rooms will be made available based on feedback from students and the renovation of our facilities.

How Can Students Apply For Gender Neutral Housing?

All current students will receive an email with access to the Gender Neutral Housing Supplemental Application Form, which includes information about their roommate and building preferences. This form must be submitted to be considered for a Gender Neutral Housing space.

  • Current Students - Students who apply for a Gender Neutral Housing space will be sent an invitation via their UMN email address if they are assigned to a Gender Neutral Housing space. Students must accept this invitation in the Reapplication Portal. Students can change their housing assignment in any subsequent round of the Reapplication process. If students choose to change their housing assignment, they must contact housing@umn.edu to select a new space. All students living within Gender Neutral Housing will have access to single-user bathrooms.
  • Prospective Students - New, incoming students with a non-binary gender request should select “Contact Me” in the Gender section of their Housing Application and Housing & Residential Life will contact the student to better understand the student’s needs and determine the best housing options available. All students living within Gender Neutral Housing will have access to single-user bathrooms.

Lavender House - Living, Learning Community (LLC)

Lavender House is a LGBTQIA-centered living learning community of 25-to-30 students.  Currently housed in Comstock Hall, Lavender House is a collaboration across the Gender and Sexuality Center for Queer and Trans Life & Housing and Residential Life. 

Note: While straight allies are welcome to apply to live in LH, preference will be given to students who identify as LGBTQIA and/or based on need. 

Students living in Lavender House can expect:

  • A safer space for LGBTQIA students to be who they truly are
  • Guided programming that focuses on student success & identity exploration
  • A strong cohort of students who build friendship throughout the academic year


Include a brief statement expressing your interest in living at Lavender House. The timeline to apply is as follows: 

  • March 1 - Priority Deadline for all Living Learning Communities
  • May 1 - General Deadline for incoming first-year students to apply for housing
  • June & July - Lavender House spaces are assigned by Housing & Residential Life.  This process often takes some time due to individualized assignment for students for all of the U of M's Living Learning Communities.
  • July 31 - Deadline for students to receive notification of their Housing Assignment.

For further questions or to apply for Gender Neutral Housing or Lavender House, please visit Housing & Residential Life's website


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