Campus Partners

The GLBTA Programs Office engages the University of Minnesota to be the most welcoming and affirming environment possible for students, employees, and community members.

We engage in extensive campus-wide change, which is often termed "institutional change work."  While we impact individual students and employees through many of our events, trainings, and gatherings, we also seek to institute social change & openness to GLBTA identities across the U of M administration, faculty, academic departments, and staff offices.

We serve to change the U, and the community in the following systemic ways that improve campus climate:

Academic Trainings - the GLBTA Programs Office has gone into hundreds of classrooms at the request of faculty, training thousands of students on GLBTA identities.  Some of the academic departments we've built partnerships with include American Studies, Biology, Psychology, Social Work, and Gender, Women, & Sexuality Studies.  Feel free to Request a Training.

Facilities Management - we've partnered to create Gender Neutral Restrooms across the University, so all students may have full access.  The majority of these restrooms are single-stall & wheelchair accessible, removing barriers that previously existed because of gender, disability, or safety concerns.  Check out this Gender Neutral Restrooms Map!

Trans-Inclusive Health Benefits - the U of M Student Health Benefits Plan is now more inclusive of all bodies and genders, allowing for assistance with health care for students which is deemed medically necessary by a health care professional.  This was a huge accomplishment and collaboration across Boynton Health Services, Office of Student Affairs, Transgender Commission, and the GLBTA Programs Office.

U of M Police Department - the GLBTA Programs Office staff has provided GLBTA trainings on sexual orientation and gender identity for university police officers & security personnel.

Collaborative Partnerships across Campus & Community: