Queer Student Cultural Center

Photo: Queer Student Cultural Ceneter logo


Photo 1: QSCC tabling at Twin Cities Pride, Photo 2: QSCC members, Photo 3: Jack Baker (founder of FREE AKA QSCC)

What is the QSCC?

  • Queer Student Cultural Center (located in 205 Coffman Student Union)
  • Coalition of 10+ GLBTA student organizations devoted to connecting students with one another, while helping them adjust to the U of M and explore their identities.  
  • QSCC in 205 serves as both a small office & a large open safe space for any student to come in, hang out, read some magazines, do some homework, and overall get connected with other GLBTA-friendly folks.
  • Great hangout spot between classes & provides a much needed respite from the stresses of a typical student's day.


Fall 2015 QSCC Group Meeting Times

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
5pm Tranarchy 5pm Queer Men 5pm fACES 5pm Geeqs 5pm Queer Women
7pm Biversity   7pm KinkyU 7pm ARCH 7pm Polymorphic

How are the QSCC & GLBTA Programs Office different?

Queer Student Cultural Center:

  • Operated by students & is a registered 501(c)3 organization which receives money from Office of Student Unions & Activities
  • Responsible for increasing GLBTA awareness through GLBTA student events, student organization meetings, & social programming
  • Builds, advises, & advances the leadership of GLBTA students & student organizations

GLBTA Programs Office:

  • Operated by professional staff & is a university office which receives money from Office of Equity & Diversity
  • Responsible for increasing GLBTA awareness through campuswide trainings & education, academic curriculum infusion, intersectional work across race/gender/etc, building community partnerships, and implementing institutional change work that affects students on the whole.
  • Provides scholarship dollars to students, as well as a community listserve of 3,000+ people to connect you with U of M & local Twin Cities GLBTA communities


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