Request a Training

How do I request a training?

Requesting a tailor-made training couldn't be simpler! Email us with all the vital info below:

  • Why? Please give 1 or 2 reasons why you're requesting a training from us
  • Who? Which class/dept/cmte is this for?  How many people total?  Students, employees, or both?
  • What? Topics can be as specific or broad as you want
  • When/Where? Provide all available dates/times/locations
  • How? Do you want a formal training, an interactive workshop, or us to facilitate a dialogue?

What's the difference between a formal training, an interactive workshop, or a facilitated dialogue?

  • Formal Trainings involve activities that increase LGBTQIA knowledge, and they tend to be more content-based in nature (i.e. LGBTQ 101, Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, Language Terms.)  
  • Interactive Workshops involve activities where colleagues interact with tough topics & tend to be more skill-based in nature (i.e. Role Plays, Scenarios, Combating Homophobia.)
  • Facilitated Dialogues involve us coming in as third-party participants to help your class/department/committee navigate discussions around a focused topic (i.e. Homophobia in Your Workplace, Correct Usage of Gender Pronouns, Spot-checking Your Office for Pro-or-Anti-LGBTQIA Climate)


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