All-Gender Restroom Map

The Gender and Sexuality Center for Queer and Trans Life has partnered with the Trans Action & Advisory Team and Facilities Management to create gender inclusive restrooms across the University of Minnesota, so people of all bodies and genders may have full access. The majority of these restrooms are single-stall & wheelchair accessible, removing barriers that previously existed because of gender, disability, or safety concerns.  

To find locations across the East Bank, West Bank, & St. Paul Campus, check our Gender Neutral Restrooms Map.

Map Navigation Instructions

To view restroom information, click on the "see more places and things" icon on the upper left (underneath the words "Twin Cities"). Then, you can check on or off the box for gender nuetral restrooms.

Gender Neutral Restroom Update

August 25, 2016. As of today, the count of gender-neutral restrooms stands at approximately 290. The current distribution is broad and readily accessible to most members of the campus community. Facilities Management is working toward its target of 425-450 total gender-neutral restrooms, and expects to reach that goal by the end of the calendar year. For context, the OED-maintained map (which was the best publicly available information we had at the time) showed only about 120 gender-neutral facilities.

The remainder of the project involves getting signs in place and ensuring the University's space database is accurate for capture on the GIS enabled gender-neutral restroom layer on the interactive campus map. Staff are working hard on this, and progress is being made. We expect the pace will pick up again once the crush of beginning-of-the-year demands on FM and the Sign Shop slows down.





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