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Local, Regional and National Scholarships


University of Minnesota

Gender and Sexuality Center for Queer and Trans Life Conference Scholarship Application


The Gender and Sexuality Center for Queer and Trans Life has funds available to support undergraduate and graduate students attending conferences that relate to LGBTQIA and social justice issues on campus and in the community. Conferences can be a wonderful way for students to professionally develop, learn new skills, build community, share resources, get presentation opportunities, and showcase their work, learning and experience received here at the U of M!

Funds can help pay for conference registration, travel, lodging and other related expenses. Funds are limited and most applications will not be fully funded. Please fill out the application below, providing as much detail as possible. Note: Conference fund recipients may be asked to present or share information with the Gender and Sexuality Center for Queer and Trans Life after the conference.

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LGBTQIA Leadership Scholarship (University of MN full-time students)
  • Scholarship Amounts: $500-$1,000
  • Application Deadline: April 15th
  • Application Link: Click HERE


Peter Freund Scholarship (University of MN full-time students in CSE)

 Peter W. Freund created this fund in 2013 to celebrate his 30-year career as an engineer in the refrigeration industry and to help others pursue degrees in engineering.

  • Scholarship Amount: $2,500
  • Applicants must be enrolled at the University according to the following criteria: a) Full-time, b) undergraduate students, c) enrolled in the College of Science and Engineering, d) studying mechanical engineering, e) and demonstrates financial need, and f) a preference will be given for students with a strong interest in or connection with GLBTA programs or who are a member of a GLBTA group on campus
  • Deadline for application March 1, 2016
  • Application Link and more information-Click HERE
Steven J. Schochet Academic Awards
  • Steven J. Schochet Interdisciplinary Dissertation Fellowship in Queer, Trans, and Sexuality Studies 




Steven J. Schochet Interdisciplinary Dissertation Fellowship in Queer, Trans and Sexuality Studies: 2016-201


   Women’s Center - Click HERE
   Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence - Click HERE
   Disability Resource Center - Click HERE
   Office for Diversity in Graduate Education - Click HERE
   Cruden-Riggs Scholarship  (University of MN – Duluth) - Click HERE


   PFUND Foundation (students from MN or attending school in MN)
  • Scholarship Amounts: Range from $2,000 to $10,000.
  • Application Deadline: February 
  • Application Link: Click HERE
   LIVE OUT LOUD (students from NY, CT, NJ) 
  • Scholarship Amount: $5,000.00  
  • Deadline: March   
  • Application Link: Click HERE



   GAPA Foundation (Asian & Pacific Islander LGBTQ students) - Click HERE
   Point Foundation: The National LGBTQ Scholarship Fund 
  • Scholarship Amounts: Around $25,000
  • Deadline: Applications available in November and due in January 
  • Application Link: Click HERE
   LGBT Student Scholarship Database - Click HERE


Graduate Scholarships

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