Tongues Untied


Tongues Untied is a space by and for People of Color who identify as LGBTQIA and/or Same-Gender-Loving. Named after the famous documentary "Tongues Untied" by Marlon Riggs & Essex Hemphill, the group serves to connect students, staff, faculty, and the Twin Cities community by holding discussion groups that focus on how race, sexuality, and gender impact our lived experiences. This program is designed to enhance and center the experiences of queer indigenous people and people of color. 

Spring 2018 Events:

Feb 1: Black Rage, Sadness and Joy
Featuring: Jason Jackson | 5:30-7pm | Appleby Hall 223
In this interactive workshop, Jason Jackson will use the art of storytelling to illuminate how he continuously leans in to his rage, sadness and joy in his everyday existence as a queer black man in the Twin Cities. 


March 1: Afro-Futurism: Thank You for the Funk!
Featuring: Stephanie Chrismon | 5:30-7pm | Appleby Hall 223
To dream of worlds and spaces in which there are no isms/phobias and black people are central to the narrative is to believe in fantasy and science fiction. This interactive workshop addresses the history of Afrofuturism, includes excerpts from the best Afrofuturists and provides participants with the opportunity to use oral traditions as a tool to create futuristic narratives.


April 5: Rediscovering Our Magic! Meet-up 5:30-7pm | Appleby Hall 223
Meet folks planning on attending the 4th Annual Queer and Trans Indigenous People and People of Color Conference happening in Minneapolis from April 13-15. We’ll explore what’s in store for us, what we’re excited about, and what we hope to experience that weekend.


April 13-15: 4TH Annual Queer & Trans Indigenous People & People of Color Conference: Rediscovering Our Magic
Humphrey School of Public Affairs (West Bank) | Find us on Facebook!
This conference seeks to mobilize our communities’ deep commitment to centering the expertise, identities, vulnerabilities, lived experiences, and leadership of those most impacted by the social, political, economical, and structural injustices against our communities. Our mission is to create a revolutionary loving and learning space where we can celebrate our struggles, rediscover our magic, and thrive together.


May 3: DIY Bookmaking
Featuring: Melinda Lee | 5:30-7pm | Appleby Hall 223
Join Melinda for a facilitated workshop on DIY bookmaking. They’ll teach you the fundamentals of creating your own journals, cookbooks, sketchbooks, etc. and guide you through making your very own book. Materials will be provided, or bring your own desired papers, photos, string, etc. to customize your look.



Tongues Untied serves the needs of our growing community by:

  • Providing social and educational gatherings for U of M students
  • Hosting discussions and panels for local public school Gay-Straight Alliances upon request
  • Connecting with local community organizations or color such as The Exchange, Twin Cities Black Pride, and the MiniBall Scene




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