Multicultural Summer Research Opportunity Program (MSROP)


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DATES: June 5 - August 11, 2017

Program History

Established in 1986, the Multicultural Summer Research Opportunities Program (MSROP) at the University of Minnesota provides undergraduates an opportunity to develop research and inquiry skills with a faculty mentor on an individual basis or as part of a research team, which may include graduate students, research scientists, technicians and other MSROP students. Through the mentoring process, students are introduced to the methodology of their chosen discipline by involving them in research and other scholarly activities. Such involvement is expected to improve the quality of the students' undergraduate experience, to enhance the likelihood of their completing bachelor’s degrees, and to attract larger numbers of prepared underrepresented students to graduate or professional schools.


Program Goals

MSROP is directed by four goals: (1) to encourage undergraduate students to give graduate education serious consideration following completion of their undergraduate studies; (2) to provide talented students with faculty mentors who will introduce them to the methodology of the chosen discipline by involving them in research and scholarly activities; (3) to create an environment in which the participant and the faculty mentor will be able to assess realistically the student’s potential for and interest in graduate studies; and (4) to provide a sense of community among the students and an opportunity to develop the networking skills important to building professional bonds within the community. Learn more about MSROP through Frequently Asked Questions.


Student and faculty at poster sessionEligibility Requirements (DEADLINE:  March 1, 2017)

University of Minnesota sophomores, juniors, and seniors (that are enrolled for at least one additional semester after the summer program) majoring in the Social Sciences, Arts, Humanities, Education, Natural Sciences, Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering are eligible to apply.  Applicants must have completed at least 45 credits by the end of fall semester 2016 and must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and must be a US citizen or permanent resident. We encourage applications from students who are underrepresented in their discipline and/or who are first-generation college students. Students may not enroll in intersession or summer school during the program. To be given full consideration, students must have contacted a prospective faculty mentor (e.g. contacted via email or telephone) to determine availability to serve as a mentor for summer 2017.  Preference will be given to students who have not participated in a formal summer research program; we would like to give more students a research opportunity.


Financial Support Package

Each student will receive a $ 3,500 stipend for personal and research expenses (plus a one-time $500 allowance for housing expenses in place of room and board.). An additional research stipend is assigned to the faculty mentor for use by the student. The personal stipend is received in installments over the ten-week period.


Program Structure (Learn more through the MSROP FAQ)


MSROP runs for ten weeks and is held on the U of MN, Twin Cities campus June 5 - August 11  2017.

MSROP Students 2012Mentor matching

Each participant is matched with a faculty mentor working in the student’s area of interest. Depending on the discipline, students will either participate in an established research or will create and develop their own research with the faculty mentor.   Please note that we do have faculty members this summer that are looking for undergraduate summer researchers for the University of Minnesota Gender Policy Report (GPR).    Please contact the GPR if you have an interest in a research project in the field of gender policy. 

The Gender Policy Report (GPR) is a non-partisan, multidisciplinary effort to produce and disseminate timely, gender-focused analyses of emerging policy proposals and developments. GPR contributions clarify the gendered bases of policy practices and conflicts. They offer diverse public audiences informed perspectives on how policies matter for gender justice and constructions of gender itself. Working across varied media platforms, the GPR seeks to inform policy debates and improve public discourse. Our mission is to take the best insights from gender scholarship and research and make them accessible to broader communities in a way that is timely for addressing serious policy challenges.

GPR email is:
GPR Facebook for the Gender Policy Report is:


In addition to conducting research, students are required to attend bi-weekly seminars focusing on academic and professional development.


At the conclusion of the program, each participant will prepare a poster and oral presentation to be shared with other students, faculty, administrators, and family members.   Students will be required to present at the campus-wide Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Final Paper

Each student must submit a final paper about the research that was conducted (to be submitted at the exit interview).

Mid-summer and Exit Interview

Students are required to complete a mid-summer interview, an exit interview and an evaluation of the program prior to receiving their final stipend check.

Application Procedure (deadline:  March 1, 2017)

Interested students must submit the following materials via email no later than March 1, 2017:

Eligible University of Minnesota students must submit:

  1. Completed application form.
  2. Two letters of recommendation from faculty or academic advisors who are familiar with the applicant’s academic interest and performance.  The letters of recommendations can be emailed - pdf - to
  3. U of MN transcript (can be an unofficial transcript). Students that have transferred with more than 10 credits need to request a transcript that shows the transferred coursework with grades.  Send as a pdf file to:

MSROP Application Form (pdf file)

MSROP Letter of Recommendation Form (pdf file)  
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Note: Please remember to refer your recommenders to the MSROP program description.

*Only completed applications will be considered. Email all application materials to  Please put in subject line:  (applicant's name).

Office for Diversity in Graduate Education

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