Stand-Alone Trainings

Photo 1: rainbow puzzle pieces. Photo 2: People having a group conversation. Photo 3: GLBTA PO's "butterfly model" for sex, gender, and sexual orientationCommunity Education Program

The Community Education Program is intended to increase participants’ knowledge of gender, sexuality and multiple intersections or identities through a series of specific educational exercises. We offer 5 workshops that may be requested by individuals for departments or classes. We're happy to accommodate our training materials to best fit your needs as well. Our Day-Long Institute is a cumulation of all 5 of our core workshops.



  • Social Constructions of Sex and Gender:

    • Increase knowledge on systems of Sex, Gender and Sexual Orientation

    • Understand where stereotypes and their impacts on the broader GLBT community


  • Intersectionality 101:

    • Intensive work on exploring how to interrupt everyday homophobia, transphobia, and heterosexism

    • Focused on intersectional work exploring how sexual orientation & gender identity intersect with race, class, ability, age, and faith


  • (Inter)Sex 101:

    • Understanding myths around intesex conditions

    • Learn how the legalization of sex identity in the US affects everyone.

    • Learn about the gains of intersex activist and advocates



  • (Trans)Gender 101

    • Challenge understandings of the gender binary, the trans spectrum, and differences between sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression

    • Illuminate current research and real-life experiences on trans identities from pronouns to safety to restrooms to healthcare

    • Create inclusive understandings of gender that benefit everyone while challenging common cultural notions of femininity and masculinity

    • Facilitated activities and small group discussion bring attendees together to closely examine gender justice efforts


  • (Bi)Sexuality 101

    • Explore language and the variety of identities across terms like bisexual, queer, pansexual, omnisexual, and fluid identities




  • We can do the above 5 listed trainings just for your committee, department, or organization, whether on-or-off campus.
  • Topics could include GLBT personal perspectives / panels / role models / history / impact in your specific academic area.



Army ROTC |  Athletics  |  Aurora Center  | Boynton Health Advocates  |  Boynton Health Services  |  Disability Services  |  Housing and Residential Life  |  Lavender House  |  Learning Abroad Center  |  Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence  |  Office of First Year Programs  |  St. Paul Student Housing  |  Student Union & Activities  |  U of M Libraries  |  U of M Police Department  |  University Career and Counceling Services



Amrican College Personnel Association  |  BECAUSE Conference 2013  |  Bi Salon (Bisexual Organizing Project)  |  Equity and Diversity Conference (UMD)  |  Minnesota College Personnel Association  |  Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT)  |  Minnesota Out! Campus Conference  |  Pfund - Summer Camp Racial Equity Initiative  |  Transformation House - Sober Living Facility  |  Stadium View School & Juvenile Justice Center


Email Jason Jackson ( for info on our Campuswide Trainings & to request a tailor-made Department Training.



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