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Body Positive: My Personal Journey to Finding Self-Love and Acceptance as a Trans Woman of Color

March 23, 2018, 12:00 pm
Ikal Avila will discuss her journey as a young trans woman of color navigating systems of oppression and how she came to love her body and live authentically. About QueerX: Queer X is an educational initiative of the GSC, that delivers critically important topics and conversations that impact the LGBTQIA community. This is one of many the many engaging events and discussions that we offer. Can't Make it to QueerX? Stream Us LIVE on Facebook! Contact Information:  |  |  Appleby Hall 40  |  612-625-0537  |  FB: /gscumn  |  T: @gscumn  #QueerUMN  #gscumn All-Gender Restroom Availability: Single stall all-gender restrooms are available in Appleby Hall on the Garden Level, room 31 and on the first floor in room 131. Parking: (Appleby Hall) Limited metered parking is available in front of and behind Appleby Hall. The nearest parking garage is the Weisman Art Museum; disability parking and accessible elevators available.  Take elevator to floor 1R (Campus). Twin Cities Campus Access Map PDF provides more detail on disability accessibility. Accommodations: To make disability-related accommodations or dietary requests, contact Melinda Lee at: or 612-626-8086. Chemical & Scent Sensitivity: Many students and staff have adverse reactions to chemicals and scents. In an effort to be responsive to people's needs, we ask that all participants who attend the Gender and Sexuality Center for Queer and Trans life’s events join us in the following:
  • Use unscented hair and body products
  • Avoid using cologne and/or perfume
  • Air out dry-cleaned clothes before wearing
  • Use low-odor or no-odor markers

Afro-Futurism: Thank You For The Funk!

March 1, 2018, 5:30 pm

To dream of worlds and spaces in which there are no isms/phobias (racism and homophobia specifically) and black people are central to the narrative is to believe in fantasy and science fiction. This interactive workshop addresses the history of Afrofuturism, includes excerpts from the best Afrofuturists and provides participants with the opportunity to use oral traditions as a tool to create futuristic narratives. This workshop fills an important void; people of color, and in particular, black people, are often hidden or missing altogether in works of speculative fiction. It is also an opportunity to queer the literary world and to encourage a larger presence of black protagonists. In the context of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, an exploration of Afrofuturism is a way to both discuss our current sociopolitical landscape and imagine radically different literary futures.

As usual, we will provide food! :) 

About the facilitator:

Stephanie Chrismon is an educator, writer, Afrofuturist and pop culture junkie. Her first novel Bright City, written under the pen name dc edwards, debuted in April 2017. She lives in St. Paul with her partner and their two weird cats.

About the group:

Tongues Untied is a space by and for Indigenous people and people of color who identify as queer and/or trans. The group serves to connect students, staff, faculty, and the Twin Cities community by holding discussion groups that focus on how race, sexuality, and gender impact our lived experiences. It is open to all members of the University.

Contact Information:  |  |  Appleby Hall 40  |  612-625-0537  |  FB: /gscumn  |  T: @gscumn  #QueerUMN  #gscumn

Geek Cred: A Black Queer Woman's Journey

30 min 38 sec ago
In 1989, Briana Lawrence's mother brought a Nintendo into their house, and things haven't been the same since that faithful 8-bit encounter. Though Ms. Lawrence thought her geekdom would only revolve around fangirling and cursing at the cheap bosses in Mortal Kombat, its turned into a full-blown writing career. She writes scripts for, pens articles that discuss the importance of representation in pop culture, and creates book series with characters that reflect who she is: a queer woman of color who may be a touch bit obsessed with RPGs, fighting games, and anime. In this talk she'll go through her life and career as a whole along with the trials and tribulations of loving oneself in a world that doesn't always love you back -- even in spaces that attempt to have your best interests in mind.    This event will be streamed live through Facebook!  Join us!