Being A Better Ally


A big part of being an ally is committing to self-education. Below are articles and websites that offer tips and tools to expanding your allyship.


Trans-Inclusion Quick Guide for Allies 
Pronoun Ettiquette (
Model Trans Employment Policy: Ensuring Inclusive Workplaces
So You Call Yourself an Ally: 10 Things All ‘Allies’ Need to Know (Everyday Feminism)
How To Be An Ally (Campus Pride)
The Pitfalls of Becoming a Complacent Ally (And What to Do If You’ve Made a Mistake) (Everyday Feminism)
10 Misconceptions Every Trans Ally Needs to Understand (Everyday Feminism)
Actions For Allies (GLSEN)
More Than Good Intentions: How To Be An Ally (Article)



Are we missing something? Let us know what resources would be helpful and we'll add them to the list! 
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