All-Day Institute

Photo 1: Quote "Professional development is a conscious choice". Photo 2: Presenter in a classroom. Photo 3: Quote "How to be a better ally".


The Day-Long Institute is designed for University of Minnesota students, staff and faculty to engage in intersectional work exploring how sexual orientation & gender identity intersect with race, class, ability, age, faith and other identities.  

   Topics covered in the institute are as follows: 
  • Exploring language, terms and the variety of identities pertaining to sexually and gender  
  • Creating an inclusive campus for all students while challenging common cultural notions of femininity and masculinity
  • Intersectionality 
  • Holding Critical Conversations
  • Privilege and Marginalization of identities 
  • Maximizing our resources at the university to best support students 


Check back with us for upcoming Institute dates!


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