The Mentor Program creates long-lasting connections across students and employees. Student Mentees can quickly connect to someone at the U of M while the Employee/Alumni Mentors check in with mentees on:

  • Adjustment to the U of M culture
  • Advancing their own sense of self & identity exploration
  • Navigating being LGBTQIA within a specific academic field or career path
  • Creating connections throughout the local Twin Cities community


The Mentor Program offers "rolling admission;" you're welcome to apply at any time! 

Time Frame

The program runs the entire academic year. Pairings start as early as August and run as late as May.


Mentees & Mentors meet individually as they please, abiding by general guidelines tailored for student success and mentorship. It is expected that pairs will meet no less than 1x/month for 1+ hours. 

Benefits Of Being A Mentor

Being a mentor gives you the opportunity to facilitate a student's personal and professional growth by sharing your knowledge and personal stories through years of experience. While the primary intent of your mentoring role is to provide support and guidance, your mentee is not the only one who will gain from the arrangement. As a mentor, there are various ways you can benefit as well:

  • Enhance Your Skills: The experience you gain by mentoring a student can facilitate your own professional growth. Mentoring allows you to strengthen your coaching and leadership skills by working with individuals from different backgrounds and personality types. Your ability to manage people different from you is a valuable skill, especially as the workplace continues to grow more diverse.
  • Learn New Things: It’s inevitable that a student younger than you will know more about a topic you’re less familiar with. For example, if you’re a Gen Xer, perhaps taking on a mentee can help you learn more about certain aspects of technology or social media. Every generation has their strengths, and mentor relationships are a great way to learn from one another so we can all improve our professional lives.
  • Share Your Knowledge: Sharing your knowledge with someone else can be empowering. You'll have an opportunity to help a student avoid pitfalls you may have faced in your relationships & career, or learn to navigate the LGBTQIA community. 
  • Build Additional Professional Relationships: Although you probably have a variety of professional connections at the University, a mentor-mentee relationship offers different benefits than other acquaintance-like relationships. Not only can your mentee introduce you to people to add to your network, but you can do the same for them, 
  • Develop Leadership and Management Skills: Becoming a mentor can help you learn how to oversee and guide others. Discover how to manage younger workers and tap into your leadership abilities through advising a mentee.
  • Give Back To Your Community: Mentoring is an opportunity to help young students better naviget their identities, continue their education, and become active members of the LGBTQIA community. 


If you're interested in becoming a mentor, please apply.



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