Changing Your Name

Changing Your Name on University Records

Eligibility: Students, Faculty and Staff are all eligible to set up a "Preferred Name" on their Personal Information record in PeopleSoft. 

Students :  Beginning Spring 2015 when you set up a "Preferred Name", this will by default show up on your email and class rosters (however, not on waitlist roster which may be viewed by professor and other administrators). You will also be able to change your "Personal Information" settings such that  your "Preferred Name" will show up on your UCard in place of your "Legal Name".

If you would like your preferred name to be listed on your UCard you will need to;

  • Navigate to the Personal Information update page here then enter and submit a preferred name if you have not all ready added a "preferred name" in the past. 
  • After submitting the "preferred name", see the "Getting a New UCard" section below.

Faculty and Staff : When you set up a "Preferred Name", this name will now show up on your email.


Getting a New UCard (Name &/or Photo)

  • You will have to wait 24 hours after changing your name in the university system
  • Go to MyU - My Info - Click The Edit Pencil By Your Name - Add A New Name - Select Preferred Name and then fill in your preferred name. 
  • If you have additional questions, visit UCard Office for more information
PHOTO REPLACEMENT: The UCard Office provides a free photo replacement service to students who present differently than in their original UCard photo. Students who would like a new University photo, but who do not need a replacement UCard, may have a free replacement photo taken at the UCard office. Students needing a new UCard must pay the card replacement fee.
The student's photo would then be updated in class rosters used by departments and instructors. Alternatively, students may submit a replacement digital photo to the UCard office (if it meets photo standards). Please inform students that this service is available to them. Students should avoid making these requests at extremely busy time periods, such as orientation, if possible.


Changing Your Legal Name

What You'll Need: 

  • Name Change Request Form. The Student form can be found here. You will find it approximately 3/4 of the way down the page under "Student Records forms".
  • If you're employed by the university, you'll need a copy of your updated Social Security card.
  • If you're not employed by the university, either a Social Security card or a passport will suffice
  • International students will also need to contact ISSS (190 Humphrey School or 612-626-7100). You may want to call them first to check what you'll need to do.

Where To Go:

The Name Change Request Form and supporting documents can be returned in person to 20 Fraser Hall, or mailed to: 

Academic Support Resources, 
20 Fraser Hall, 106 Pleasant St SE, 
Minneapolis, MN 55455-0433


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