Being A Better Ally

A big part of being an ally is committing to self-education. Below are articles and websites that offer tips and tools to expanding your allyship.

Know Your Resources


The U of M has over 30 LGBTQIA student organizations, departments, and affinity groups on campus.  Knowing about these resources will help you becom more knowledgeable about the University and afford you the opportunity to better assist LGBTQIA students, staff and faculty in finding appropriate resources they may need to access. 

Education & Training

The U of M offers hundreds of events on campus every year; many of them are related to LGBTQIA identities. In addition to attending lectures and events, our office and the Office for Equity and Diversity offer trainings around LGBTQIA identities. 

Coming Out On Campus


Whether you're in the process of coming out for the first time ever, or the first time today, disclosing your LGBTQIA identity can either be an anxiety inducing or freeing experience (maybe both!). Below are some helpful links for you to view about the Coming Out experience. 

Getting Connected

Social media is the fastest way to get connected to many groups at the U of M. Below is a list of groups to get connected with.

LGBTQIA Groups/Departments on Campus


Did you know that the U of M has over 30 student organizations, groups and departments focused around LGBTQIA identities? There's something for everyone! Get involved on campus, volunteer, network and make new friends.
Note: groups are listed in Alpha-Order

Coming Out Resources


Coming out as trans can be a challenging process and most likely will not be a one-time event. Below are some coming out tips in different situations as well as resources you may find helpful.

Restrooms and Locker Rooms




Gender Neutral Housing

Gender Neutral Housing at the University of Minnesota consists of designated spaces in four residence halls. Current students have the option to sign up for these spaces during housing reapplication.


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