Reporting Bias Incidents

All-Gender Restroom Map

The Gender and Sexuality Center for Queer and Trans Life has partnered with the Trans Action & Advisory Team and Facilities Management to create gender inclusive restrooms across the University of Minnesota, so people of all bodies and genders may have full access. The majority of these restrooms are single-stall & wheelchair accessible, removing barriers that previously existed because of gender, disability, or safety concerns.  

Lavender Celebration

Graduating? Be recognized for your hard work and accomplishments at Lavender Celebration!!

Every year we honor the accomplishments of our LGBTQIA graduates and celebrate the achievements of our queer staff, faculty members, students and community members. We celebrate past successes and new chapters forward with an award ceremony, entertainment, a keynote speaker(s), and (of course) CAKE!

Make sure to RSVP and save the date - May 4th, 2018!

LGBTQIA Academic Courses


3 photos of students in classrooms listening to a lecture

Equity & Diversity Certificate


The Equity and Diversity Certificate helps participants develop tools necessary for advancing equity and diversity in all aspects of their personal and professional lives. This certificate program is sponsored by the Office for Equity and Diversity. It's free of charge and open to student, faculty, and staff on all campuses of the University of Minnesota.

Campus Partners

The Gender and Sexuality Center for Queer and Trans Life engages the University of Minnesota to be the most welcoming and affirming environment possible for students, employees, and community members. While we impact individual students and employees through many of our events, trainings, and gatherings, we also seek to institute social change & openness to LGBTQIA identities across the U of M administration, faculty, academic departments, and staff offices.




Mission, Vision, and Social Justice Values Statements


Mission Statement

The Gender and Sexuality Center for Queer and Trans Life is dedicated to transforming campus climate for University of Minnesota students, staff, faculty, alum and community members by developing and supporting more inclusive understandings of gender and sexuality through education, advocacy, outreach and support. 


Career Staff

   Ahmad Qais Munhazim - Director

     Contact Information: Email - |  Phone: 612-625-8519  |  Office: Appleby Hall 50


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