Trans Advisory & Action Team


Who We Are

The University of Minnesota's Trans Advisory & Action Team, TAAT, formerly known as the Transgender Commission, is a coalition of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members organizing across disciplines and departments for access and liberation for transgender and gender nonconforming people. TAAT is led by trans and gender nonconforming people and open to persons of all gender identities and expressions.

Steven J. Schochet Endowment

The Steven J. Schochet Endowment provides funding to support academic initiatives in GLBT Studies at the University of Minnesota. Named for U of M alumnus Steven J. Schochet, the Endowment hosts lectures and symposia, highlighting important work being done in GLBT Studies at the University of Minnesota and beyond.

Off-Campus Resources

Lavender House


Students living in Lavender House's Living Learning Community (LLC) are able to explore and express their whole selves, including their gender identities and sexualities in a safer and affirming environment. Members of this LLC center their values around social justice and inclusion, and are active members of the U of M community. With the support of the Gender and Sexuality Center for Queer and Trans Life (GSC), Lavender House students connect with diverse queer communities on and off campus, attend cultural events and participate in a leadership retreat.


Mentor Program

The Fall 2017 Mentor Program is accepting applications!



The Mentor Program creates long-lasting connections across students and employees. Student Mentees can quickly connect to someone at the U of M while the Employee/Alumni Mentors check in with mentees on:


The University of Minnesota has 30+ LGBTQIA groups & initiatives - below is a sampling of the initiatives open to all members of the University community and sponsored by the GSC on the Twin Cities Campus:


Request a Training

How do I request a training?

Requesting a tailor-made training couldn't be simpler! Email us with all the vital info below:

Education & Training

The Gender and Sexuality Center for Queer and Trans Life offers a broad spectrum of education, training opportunities, and resources.

Learn more about LGBTQIA identities & the intersections across gender identity, race, class, disability, and faith by connecting with the following:


3 photos. Photo 1 of students studying on laptops. Photo 2 of person in a suit holding a glowing globe of the earth. Photo 3 of an open book on a table. Check out the links below for LGBTQIA resources offered both on and off campus!


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