Request a Training

3 photos. Photo 1 of student smiling into the camera. Photo 2 of diverse students high-fiving. Photo 3 of  3 students talking at a table.How do I request a training?

Requesting a tailor-made training couldn't be simpler! Email us with all the vital info below:

  • Why? Please give 1 or 2 reasons why you're requesting a training from us
  • Who? Which class/dept/cmte is this for?  How many people total?  Students, employees, or both?
  • What? Topics can be as specific or broad as you want
  • When/Where? Provide all available dates/times/locations
  • How? Do you want a formal training, an interactive workshop, or us to facilitate a dialogue?

What's the difference between a formal training, an interactive workshop, or a facilitated dialogue?

  • Formal Trainings involve activities that increase LGBTQIA knowledge, and they tend to be more content-based in nature (i.e. LGBTQ 101, Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, Language Terms.)  
  • Interactive Workshops involve activities where colleagues interact with tough topics & tend to be more skill-based in nature (i.e. Role Plays, Scenarios, Combating Homophobia.)
  • Facilitated Dialogues involve us coming in as third-party participants to help your class/department/committee navigate discussions around a focused topic (i.e. Homophobia in Your Workplace, Correct Usage of Gender Pronouns, Spotchecking Your Office for Pro-or-Anti-LGBTQIA Climate)

The Gender and Sexuality Center for Queer and Trans Life offers 5 workshops that may be requested by individuals for departments or classes. We're happy to accommodate our training materials to best fit your needs as well. 
Email us for info on our campuswide trainings & to request a tailor-made department training.



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