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Personal Stories & Experiences from our Training Attendees

We assess our training programs, requesting feedback in both print & online form.  We reintegrate your feedback into our evolving training program. We tailor-make training sessions for specific classrooms, departments, offices, organizations, and also host open campuswide training sessions for U of M employees and students.


Sampling of Responses to: "What have you learned from these sessions - what will stick with you?"

"I am too privileged.  I clearly need to do more work..."
(GLBTQ Ally Training 101, U of M Student)

"To NOT be silent!  Must ask questions - everyone has assumptions"
(GLBTQ Ally Training for College of Liberal Arts, U of M Employee)

"An amazing amount of great information.  I love all the talk about systems."  
(GLBTQ Ally Training 201, U of M Student)

"Very engaging - great partner/group interaction.  Open & encouraging for opinions/stories/questions/etc."  
(GLBTQ Ally Training for Library Staff, U of M Employee)

"This idea that people don't fit into boxes, and we should challenge the notion that they even have to fit into a box."  (Bisexuality 101, U of M Student)

"Really liked the small group activities.  You cannot make any assumptions about anybody's experience."  
(Transgender 101, U of M Student)


It's a Great Time to Request a Training!

For specific classrooms, departments, offices, or organizations to train on LGBTQIA identities & experiences, please REQUEST A TRAINING.



The Gender and Sexuality Center for Queer and Trans Life has provided the following trainings on LGBTQIA topics & identities to increase allyhood & support of our students:

  • Admissions - Student Ambassadors & Campus Tour Guides
  • Army ROTC Cadets & Officers - LGBTQIA Identities in the Post-DADT-era (all 130+ cadets in U of M's ROTC program)
  • Aurora Center - Staff
  • Bi 101
  • Boynton Health Services - Nurses, Doctors, Medical Staff, Clerical, & Front Desk Staff (300+ attendees)
  • College of Liberal Arts Student Services - Professional Staff
  • Counseling & Student Personnel Psychology - Graduate Students in Counseling & Higher Education
  • Disability Services - Professional Staff
  • Gender, Women's, & Sexuality Studies - Academic Course
  • GLBT(Ally) 101
  • GLBT(Ally) 201
  • Housing and Residential Life - Community Assistants
  • Intersectionality 101
  • Intersex 101
  • Leadership Minor & Social Change Project - Leadership Minor students
  • Learning Abroad Center - Professional Staff
  • Libraries - Peer Research Consultants
  • Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence - Professional Staff
  • Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence - Multicultural Kick-Off Student Leaders
  • Office for Equity and Diversity's Certificate Workshop #5 - Universal Design & Disability
  • Office for Equity and Diversity's Certificate Workshop #6 - Managing Difficult Diversity Conversations
  • Office for Equity and Diversity's Certificate Workshop #7 - Race, Racism, & White Privilege
  • Office for Equity and Diversity's Certificate Workshop #10 - GLBTQ Identities & Communities 
  • Orientation & First-Year Programs - Orientation Leaders
  • Student Unions & Activities - SUA Staff
  • Trans 101
  • University of Minnesota Police Department (UMPD) - Police Officers
  • Women's Center - Professional Staff & Student Staff



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